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Newest Trend for 2015...Wild West?

It seems to me this was already in the making. With all the vintage and rustic wedding decor, we were bound to break through the wild wild west (channeling Will Smith there). But the real questions is, how do all my trendy brides jump in without it looking tacky...or more like a theme party?

Here are a few photos I think would get the point across while keeping the wedding, well, a WEDDING!

Dressing the part can get a little out of hand but these classic looks are perfect for this outdoor wedding. Found on during one of their shoots. The dress is perfect and flowy for an outdoor wedding. It also provides a touch of romance with that back!

Horseshoe wedding favors are cute and easy to carry. They can also direct them to their seat. A clever way to make these a keepsake is to teach your guests how to hang them in their home. Hang them horns up over a door way for good luck.

Invitations are a subtle way to tell your guests what type of wedding it will be. Do not go overboard with the graphics though. Its still a wedding and should be classic. I found this on I'd probably leave off the butterflies but the look is very charming.

Bouquets for a wild west wedding are usually full of wild flowers and the look is simply gorgeous!


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