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Venue Tour Treasury on the Plaza

Coming from the DMV, I've always loved an event venue that maintained history and character but offered todays modern conveniences for couples. Well, that is EXACTLY what the treasury offers! And no I was not paid to say that. The history is captured in every single room from the original tile floor in the entry to the original vault that is now being used as the bar (such an incredible feature for guests to experience).

Treasury on the Plaza

In fact, this venue has a little something for everyone. For guests who like to learn a little bit about the buildings history, the Treasury has several historical photos and original features throughout. Using these historical elements is allowed so get creative! And for those who want to experience ALL the upgrades whether it be the uplighting, bar package or just a luxury space to dance and let loose, this is it.

Treasury on the plaza

Some of my favorite features include the Vault Bar, Bridal Suite and the Entry way. We'll start with a photo of the Entry below...

Treasury on the plaza

The entry doesn't need too much with all the rich history included in the original teller window (photo below) and the table where the deposit slips would go. A plus is that you may use these tables and do not have to bring anything in!

I would dress up the front round table with a floral centerpiece and some votives (no tablecloth!) and use this for your escort cards. You can even repurpose this table at the end of the evening for your guests favors.

Below is a teller window and in the back you may play a slideshow of photos on the screen. In addition, this is a good display table for photos or anything else you'd like to show off.

The photo below is looking up toward the front door and would be a beautiful backdrop for the wedding gown...

Second is the the Vault. The Vault is original to the Treasury but now serves as the main bar for events. (Please excuse the poor quality of my photos, the room was dark and I didn't bring the right lens).

The colors in the Vault bar change to whatever you want

Third, the bride and groom suites are spacious and just far enough away from each other that you won't run into each other (the wedding planner should also help with this). The Kitchen is large enough for breakfast while the bridal party gets ready and a fridge for the champagne! There is plenty of light for photos and make up artists to do their work.

Large Mirrors fill the space and offer plenty of room to get ready.

The groom suite also comes fully equipped with everything you need the day of...

Treasury on the plaza

Here are some additional details about the venue...

1. Hotels in the area are all in walking distance. So many hotels are in walking distance so your guests will not need a shuttle (extra savings here). Unless of course your ceremony is in another locations. which leads me to the next plus...

2. If you want to get married in a church, there are several within walking distance.

3. The Treasury offers flexible options on pretty much everything! I love this for the sake of my couples. It is so refreshing knowing you can customize your wedding package based on what YOU want and not what the venue thinks you want. So please, if you want this venue, tell them exactly what your looking for...all the way down to the lighting color.

4. Now, parking is not the best in this area but if you have a couple cars that need to be at the venue (maybe for gifts and cards at the end of the night), they do have private parking for you.

5. This space can hold up to 250 guests however its recommended guest count is 125 especially if you're hoping to have a band with adequate dancing room.

6. EVERYTHING IS ON SITE. Chairs, tables, even a few pieces of lounge furniture to use for cocktail hour or just for extra seating. If you'd like something custom, of course you can bring this in separately to enhance the experience but they do a good job of keeping with the time and history of the venue.

Hope to see you there soon!


DISCLAIMER: Most of my indoor photos didn't turn out the way I'd hope so i'm directing you to TREASURY ON THE PLAZA WEBSITE until I can get back there with my good camera lens!


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