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Mariah + George

If there was one wedding that reminded me of the pandemic we are all experiencing, it would be this one!!! Mariah and George had a vision and then had to change that vision to suit not one but two different locations. Not ideal for wedding planning but I'll tell you, they made the most of it and it was GORGEOUS!

They ended up choosing Crosswater Hall and from the florals to the band to the food, everything was perfect...UNTIL IT RAINED! Yes, you heard me. I couldn't believe it decided to rain all over these beautiful decor pieces, florals, dance floor and STAGE for the band. So we had to nix our original plan yet again and move the band and dancing. These two were so resilient. It didn't bother them a bit because every guest there was just so happy to be back at a wedding with their favorite people. What a memorable day!

Vendor Shout Out

Guitarist: Dr Morgan Stuart

Until next time!


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