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Keep the Bouquet Simple

Every Bride completes their look with a beautiful bouquet. However, some brides think they need to go over and beyond with color and theme. NO! STOP! PLEASE DON'T DO IT! Take it back to grade school and think KISS! Here is a list of the most timeless bouquets for your wedding....without over-doing it.

1. Classic White Rose: Timeless and always beautiful. And the best part? You can make this! Let's go DIYer's!

2. Single Flower: This is my personal favorite. Classic and no one has to feel bad about losing that darn thing.

3. Blush and Cream

4. Winter Brides tend to use the most color but i think the greenery in this beautiful bouquet does the trick! If you need a pop of something stick to greys.

5. The newest trend is the 1920's bouquets, but with a lot more color. Fashion always circles back so why not have a timeless bouquet like this now?

XO, Heather


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