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A True Maryland Wedding...

Helping small businesses and purchasing local is what drives the great state of Maryland. The following companies were born and bred in the black eyed susan state and are OH SO GOOD for every wedding. So I think a true Baltimore wedding should have a little bit of the following somewhere...

1. Made in Woodsborow, Md, the Rosebud Perfume Company has a fantastic lip balm that all would love! Crazy thing can find this at these retail stores too: Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Anthropoligie, American Apparel, South Moon Under, Blue Mercury and more!

2. Ok Ladies, this one is AMAZING. Have you heard of Mouth Party Caramels? If not, prepare yourself for a new addiction. And for my Maryland brides...they make an Old Bay Caramel. Don't scrunch your won't make your mouth burn or make you sneeze...i promise. Its just really good. Best of all it started in BALTIMORE!

3. Did you know we have a fantastic salad dressing being made in our backyard? Tessamae's All Natural Dressing started in Essex, MD!

So if you're considering a backyard wedding and need a unqiue and special dressing...i'd go with Tessamae's. And how cute is the logo?? You can find this product online or at Whole Foods, COSTCO (my fav), Safeway, Kroger, The Fresh Market and Marianos.

4. Flying Dog Beer, made in Frederick, MD, is a well-known contender on these lists but it has to be mentioned because its still SO GOOD!

5. Don't forget McCormick Spice is right around the corner in Hunt Valley, Md! And everyone knows thats where Old Bay came from. Or at least now you do! Also check out all of these Old Bay products!

6. Whiskey Bottom Candles is a little pricey for a welcome bag or a takeaway but if you need some unique gifts for your loved ones or friends I think this would be great. You can choose what bottle the candles go into as well. Very unique. PLUS, these are made in Baltimore!

Thats all for now but i'll have MORE options this fall. Happy Shopping!



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