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Wedding Venues you Might Want to Reconsider

This list of event and even wedding venues are not the most common but will absolutely leave an impression on your guests. They are unique and yes, BUDGET FRIENDLY!

1. Corradetti Glass Studio

Located in Mount Vernon in Baltimore, the Corraddetti Studio offers a rustic yet romantic vibe perfect for any wedding. Though it can only host 75 seated guests, this is a great choice for brides who want to avoid spending extra on decor.

2. Restaurants

Unfortunately, restaurants sometimes get a bad rap for hosting weddings. I'm really not sure why! I held my reception at a restaurant in Fell's Point, MD and loved it. I will say this...the positive benefits outway the's why:

- The kitchen is in the venue which makes it easier to whip up something in case you have a guest who is allergic.

- They include tables, linens and utensils

- They can buy their alchol AT COST which can ultimately save you $$

- In most cases, they will work with you on the menu to determine what you can get for your price.

- They guarantee shelter from all the elements!

These are a couple I would check out:

The Kings of Contrivance in Columbia, MD

Louisiana Restaurant in Fell's Point, MD

3. Yoga Studios

Most Yoga studios are built in old warehouse space or older buildings with wood floors and wide open spaces. Sometimes they refurbish the inside but leave features of the original architecture that sets a calming mood for yogians. Stroga in DC is one of my favorites!




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