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A DC Engagement

I wanted to share one of the most amazing times in my life with all of you. Back in the summer of 2014 the love of my life asked me to marry him in the most memorable and sneaky way possible! It was a normal tuesday evening when Tyler (my husband) asked if I wanted to go out to dinner that night. I of course said yes because I love our date nights. He mentioned he had some friends that recommended a restaurant so he scheduled an Uber (love the black sedan service for a night out) that took us to the restaurant. Prior to this dinner, Tyler set up a photographer and made sure she was on the rooftop of Charlie Palmer Steak in downtown DC. I was completley in the dark. I think this is just a nice date night...little did I know!

When we arrived we sat at the bar for a glass of wine and Tyler casually mentioned he had a friend that worked there that would take us to the rooftop. The only way to get to the roof was with a passkey so the bartender swiped us up. Once we got to the top he told us to enjoy ourselves and he left. I thought that was a little strange but we walked around and got the most AMAZING views of DC.

All of a sudden, Tyler starting to say things that our normal conversations don't necessarily include, got down on one knee and just like that we were engaged! Captured by these beautiful photos from Ashley Relvas Photography.

If you need any ideas for engagements, I would highly recommend hiring a photographer ahead of time. We received about 50 photos in just 30min of shooting! But we'll never forget this day and how happy it made us to see the photos later.

Charlie Palmer Steak has a BEAUTIFUL rooftop for weddings! Click here for details.

We have to thank Ashley Relvas Photography for capturing the best surprise of my LIFE!

Style Me Pretty did a beautiful write about us too! See it here:


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