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Newest (& cutest) Flower Girl Idea

Are you searching for new, cute and MEMORABLE ideas for your wedding? Well, let's start with the Flower girl (or ring bearer!)! I have a tried and true way of updating this age old tradition.

Let's set the stage...

Guests arrive at the ceremony location taking in the decor and atmosphere.

Everyone sits down and starts looking at the program while saying hi to old friends and whispering to their significant others, "how long do you think this will last?".

The groom and groomsmen walk in.

The bridesmaids walk down the aisle.

Now the part most guests LOVE! The flower girl (and ring bearer) make their appearance. In hand are long stem white roses. Weird? NO! As they walk down the aisle they hand a long stem rose to each and every woman on the aisle. GENIUS. That's what a flower girl should do, hand out flowers to the guests!

Now guests are ooooing and awwwing at the beautiful rose they just received. And you just made your ceremony a bit more memorable.

Here it is in action...


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